Karen Potter
Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Lismore, NSW

About Karen Potter

Karen is deeply committed to infant psychology as well as supporting parents throughout parenthood. This starts from the planning stage, then, through pregnancy and after birth.  As a psychologist, Karen enjoys working with parents to enhance the bond with their infants and their understanding of infant behaviour.

With an interest in parent and child psychology, Karen aims to facilitate healthy development in these stages of life. 

Additionally, she also offers individual and couples psychotherapy. Finally, Karen provides clinical supervision and mentoring and offers consultancy services to organisations.

Background in Infant Psychology and More

 Education & Early Experience

Originally from Melbourne, Karen completed a Bachelor of Social Work in 1997. This lead to a Counsellor role at the Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault.  Karen quickly became interested in the infant-parent relationship and the later outcomes for children, adolescents, adults and their relationships. Karen subsequently completed an Infant Observation Program followed by a Graduate Diploma in Infant Mental Health.

Career Experience

From here, Karen began working at the Royal Women’s Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive and Special Care Nurseries.  Her role involved providing support and counselling services to parents and infants. Through this experience, Karen developed a deeper understanding of the significance of the early infant-parent relationship.

Later on, Karen went on to work at Melbourne IVF as a Counsellor. This involved supporting couples and individuals wishing to conceive.  At the same time, Karen started a part-time private practice working with parents and infants. As a part of her private work Karen presented talks at Maternal and Child Health Centres. 

In 2007, Karen moved to Northern NSW for a lifestyle change. Here she worked as a counsellor for adults with a history of childhood sexual abuse.  At the same time, she continued her private practice.  Throughout this period, Karen was also a Consultant Counsellor for Sydney IVF in Lismore. She also worked as an Infant-Parent Consultant with a local NGO. 

Recent Study and Current Practice 

More recently, Karen completed a Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental). This degree further extended her knowledge and skills in the area. Her research was developing a pilot group program called Parents Interacting With Infants, which involved mothers and their toddlers.  The outcome of the research showed that the group program was highly successful. The bond between mothers and toddlers strengthened and knowledge of child development increased.  In addition, skills and capacities to manage child behavioural, social and emotional issues developed. Furthermore, it inspired Karen to continue her work in infant psychology.

Karen currently works part-time in her private practice in Lismore.  

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Qualifications & Professional Memberships
Karen has a range of Qualifications and Memberships that you can view here.