Karen Potter
Psychotherapy & Mentoring
Lismore, NSW

Therapeutic Approach

The Therapeutic Relationship

The therapeutic relationship is between the therapist and client and is the foundation of Karen’s practice.  She offers her capacity to listen deeply and be present with openness, patience and compassion.  Furthermore, all aspects of a person are welcomed and met with acceptance and sensitivity within a safe and trusting environment. 

Perinatal, infant-parent and parenting

In these areas of counselling, Karen combines attachment and developmental theories within a psychodynamic approach. However, when needed strategies or practices will be discussed.  These may include mindfulness, self-exploration, parenting, cognitive-behavioural and nature-based strategies. In addition, Karen provides support, education and information. 

You will have come across the term ‘Attachment Theory’ in reading about this area.  This theory is used to understand the relationship pattern of infants to their primary parent/caregiver.  Predominantly, it is used when working with infants, children, and parents. However, it is also thought about to understand the relationship style of adults.  Karen has a thorough understanding of attachment theory and uses this knowledge in her work with all clients.

Grief and Bereavement

The main approach when working with people who have experienced loss and/or major transition is psychodynamic. The individual’s own process of grief, the experience and meaning of the loss and the relationship they had with that person or situation is explored more deeply.  This involves offering a safe space to express and talk through the sorrow and other emotions that can be part of grieving and bereavement.  The experience of being fully heard and understood can assist in the journey.  In order to support this process, practices and strategies are often identified. 

End of Life Doula

“An End-of-Life Doula  is a non-medical presence for the dying person, as well as their family and loved ones, providing tangible practical supports, education, compassion and resourcing, that enables the individual to have their death unfold in alignment with their wishes”. Dying With Dignity Victoria

The term doula is a Greek word meaning ‘women who serve’.  Karen’s approach to her work as an end of life doula is in keeping with her overall approach, as someone who offers an authentic and deep presence, compassion and understanding.  The conversations can be around any area important to the individual and/or family, including: spiritual, emotional, psychological and/or practical.


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