Karen Potter
Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Lismore, NSW

Perinatal & Infant-Parent

Karen offers support and counselling to parent(s) when difficulties arise at any stage from conceiving to parenthood: 

  • Fertility issues;
  • Anxiety, depression or other issues during pregnancy;
  • Pregnancy loss;
  • Birth complications e.g. premature birth, birth trauma, unplanned c-section; very sick infants or experiencing the death of a baby;
  • Postnatal depression or anxiety;
  • Feelings of helplessness, uncertainty or overwhelm;
  • Infant issues in the areas of sleeping, feeding or settling;
  • Infant-parent attachment difficulties; 
  • Difficulties resulting from the change in family and couple dynamics;
  • Concerns about temperament or behaviour in infants or toddlers;
  • Relationship tensions between parents; and
  • Family of origin issues surfacing for parents from their childhood.

Children & Adolescents

There are a number of developmental stages and milestones to be navigated through childhood and adolescence and sometimes difficulties arise.  These may include: social, emotional or behavioural issues; anxiety; depression; insecurities; bullying; parents separating; and/or child-parent relationship issues. 

A central principle of Karen’s work with children and adolescents is working closely with parents/caregivers as this is the most important relationship for children and adolescents.  As such, enhancing and strengthening the child-parent relationship as well as providing effective strategies and/or developmental information is crucial.



Raising children is the most important role in life and it can also be the most challenging.  Parents/caregivers can feel overwhelmed, overloaded, helpless, uncertain, unsupported, anxious and/or conflicted.  In this work we explore the issues together to develop a deeper and broader understanding.  Through this process effective parenting methods and strategies can be identified.

Couples and individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is for those wishing to increase their self-awareness and develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships and the issues that trouble them.  Strategies and practices may also be identified to assist the process.

In couples psychotherapy, we explore the relationship to develop a more intricate appreciation of each partner, the issues and the relationship patterns or dynamics.  Within this work, strategies are developed to enhance connection and communication.  Being able to openly acknowledge when issues surface within a relationship and being committed to working on them strengthens and deepens relationships.


For individuals wanting to develop themselves personally and professionally in order to work towards being in their life, work and relationships to their fullest potential.  The mentoring relationship is one of learning, guidance and supporting people to find and/or stay connected to themselves and their own unique path.  Mentoring offers a one-on-one opportunity for learning and development in any or all aspects of ones life.


For professionals seeking support around their work with clients and who wish to further develop their knowledge and understanding of issues that can arise for the client, within the practitioner and/or within the client-professional relationship.