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What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – A Brief Insight

If you want to understand the meaning of psychodynamic psychotherapy, you first need to understand each term.

In this article, we will do just that as well as explain Karen Potter’s personal approach to the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy with her clients.


What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a general term that means different things to different people. If you have read previous articles on this site, you may have a good idea of what psychotherapy means but the most straightforward explanation is as follows:


In short, psychotherapy otherwise known as talk therapy is a way that professionals can help people with mental health issues of any level. Psychotherapy is one way of working with individuals to manage their mental health problems. Some common mental health problems include anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. It is a way of working with people who are seeking to understand their inner psychological and emotional world, and gain deeper insight into themselves, including thoughts, feelings, motivations, and patterns of behaviours.  


In general, the practice of psychotherapy has the aim of understanding troubling symptoms and learning how to lessen these symptoms in everyday life, as well as heal past trauma and increase overall well-being and enjoyment of life.

Karen Potter is deeply committed to exploring and understanding the deeper layers of people and their relationships. This journey is about working together to gain insight and awareness of the origins of behaviours, emotions, and thinking patterns.


What does Psychodynamic mean?

Psychodynamic is also a broad term but generally refers to an approach used in psychological therapy.  This approach focuses on exploring and understanding the deeper psychological layers to troubling behaviours and/or emotions. It also seeks to understand how these behaviours and emotions might relate to childhood experiences.

Karen uses the approach of psychodynamic psychotherapy in order to focus on the psychological roots of emotional suffering. In this journey, you will encounter self-reflection and self-examination which are all facilitated by professional guidance, care, and support. In addition, we use this therapeutic relationship as a window into your (the client’s) relationship patterns.



Depth-Oriented Work – Exploring the internal world

Depth psychology is the idea that the mind’s processes are partially conscious, partially unconscious, and partially semi-conscious. This means that in order to truly know and understand ourselves we need to dig a little deeper.  In Karen’s practice, depth-orientated work is a large part of exploring the internal world of the client. This helps us to understand where troubling behaviours, thinking patterns, and/or emotions have arisen.  We can facilitate this by working with clients’ dreams, imaginations, and fantasies.


How can Psychodynamic Psychotherapy help you?

This way of working builds and strengthens a person’s self-awareness. It also helps people get in touch with who they truly are. We can achieve this through psychotherapy or mentoring. Karen has trained and worked in this approach for many years.  If you are dealing with any mental health issues or are simply interested in self-development in one or more areas of your life, contact Karen to book a consultation and get started. 

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